Thursday, May 27, 2010

First day of subbing

Today I subbed for the first time!  I had sat in on both Dan and Anth's classes but today was my first day teaching.  It was really fun!  The school was somewhat far away and somehow I didn't get lost getting there.  I was a little nervous at first because it was last minute and I had no idea what was going on in the class but I figured it out.  Its really interesting what the kids know and don't know.  My whole class could read pretty well but I could tell that about half of them didn't actually know what they were reading.  It reminds me of Italian class at SSC ... I could read and write it but when I studied abroad in Italy I couldn't speak a word. Teach the English they need for the test to get into college, and they can learn how to speak it when they get there. I'll be taking on a long term sub position in a few weeks which Im looking forward to.  It will be great to have guaranteed hours and I'll be able to get to know the class a little bit more.

On another note, my foot is getting better but Im still hobbling around a bit :(  at least I can put shoes on now and I managed to find ibuprofen at a pharmacy.  We've all been watching a lot of movies lately, so I'll give a few quick reviews:

The Road - dark and depressing about the end of the world, I am Legend was much better
Dear John - the notebook take two, you're better off watching titanic or the notebook again
Where the Wild Things Are - interesting take on the book but somewhat slow at times
The Back Up Plan - funny, but basically the same as all of J Lo's other movies
Gamer - awesome movie, pretty graphic violence though
Melinda and Melinda - unique storyline, good plot, a little bit longer than necessary

Tomorrow Im determined to look for a new beach (we always to go the same one) and do some more sightseeing (with as little walking as possible lol) around Kaohsiung.  This weekend we're finally going to Tainan which Im excited about and hopefully we'll check out the international university when we're there.

I have also updated the "Artwork" and "About Me" pages on the site!

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