Thursday, May 13, 2010

Asia is awesome

Today is only my second day in Taiwan and I've been having tons of fun!  Yesterday I went to one of Danielle's classes with her and then we got lunch and drove around the city on the scooters :)  Everyone here drives them, I'll probably rent one too because it's only about $1/day.  For now I've just been riding around on the back of everyone else's.   Kaohsiung is a pretty big city, and the pollution here is intense so a lot of people wear masks while they're riding around.

Dan and Anth have a friend visiting from Hawaii, Ryan and today we went hiking with Ana (one of their friends from home who convinced the group to come and teach here).  We went to Monkey Mountain, also know as Takao Hill (打狗山) which was pretty interesting.  The monkeys there are the Formosan Rock Macaque, which were unique to Taiwan until recently being introduced in Japan.  The mountain is a biological reserve for them and I was warned not to bring food on the trails because they will steal it from you!

This weekend we are all going to Tainan, another city nearby.  Danielle is going to check out one of the schools there because they have a great graduate program in counseling and it's free if you are living in Taiwan!  Dan and Anth have enjoyed it here so much that they are thinking of staying another year :D

Until later ... miss you guys!!

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