Thursday, May 6, 2010

Countdown to Taiwan

This will be my last weekend in the states!  I am both excited to go, and sad to leave :(  I will miss everyone tons!! But you are all welcome to visit me :)  Things have been pretty crazy this past week ... Flavia (my friend from Brazil that I visited while I was in South America) was in Boston for a few days and somehow I managed to move out of my apartment and take the GREs all in the same week.

Luckily, I started packing for my trip a few weeks ago so everything is still on schedule.  I'll have a week or two to get settled in Kaohsiung, and then starting May 25th I'll be taking over Anthony's classes for a month while he does some traveling around asia.  This will be a great way to get to know their school and decide if I want to work there for a year.

Soon my blog will have a new address.  You can always view it at the original address, but now it will also be accessible at  You can also chat with me on skype, it's free and my username is aquacait.

Are you reading this as an imported note on facebook?  You can check out my blog directly to see more pictures, links, and updates at

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