About Me

This blog was initially created as a tool to keep in touch with family and friends during my second trip to South America. Historically, I have attempted to update it regularly during my travels. Lately, as my professional goals have developed the focus has shifted towards physical and mental well being.

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and lived in the suburb of Lexington until my freshman year of college, when I attended Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. After completing my first year, I transferred and later graduated from Salem State University with a bachelor of arts in Psychology and a minor in Italian studies.

My international travels began in high school during a 10 day trip to Venice, Florence, & Rome led by my ceramics and photography professors. This experience sparked a never ending interest in traveling. I have vivid memories of trips to California, Arizona, and Barbados as a child. After visiting Italy for such a short time I knew I would return, and in college I spent a semester studying in Florence.

My passion for traveling was inspired in Europe when I unexpectedly started traveling alone. My travel companion returned to the United States earlier then anticipated and I was hesitant to cut my trip short. I later volunteered in Peru for 6 weeks during a summer of college and than returned to South America twice after this initial trip. While in South America I visited Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile and have been lucky enough to visit friends all over the world.

On the Mekong - Si Phan Don

Most recently, I spent two years in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, teaching English as a second language. It was a very rewarding experience and I encourage anyone with an interest in Asia to pursue teaching as a means to finance traveling there. I took the opportunity to travel as much as possible while living in Asia. During my first summer a roommate from Florence visited and we travelled through Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia. I continued on to Laos before coming home and taking a trip back to Italy with my family. As I prepared to leave Taiwan in May of 2012, there were many places I wanted to visit before returning to North America. I met family in France and then spent the summer traveling through the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India. Diving the South Pacific, studying Ashtanga yoga in Bali, silent meditation in Sri Lanka, and farming at Navdanya in India were the highlights of this trip.

After returning to North America, I spent just under a year living in Summerside, Prince Edward Island; a small island off the Canadian Atlantic coast with beautiful scenery, friendly residents, and a relaxing pace of life. While living in Summerside I attended the University of PEI.

Currently I am residing in the Boston area, teaching yoga and offering freelance marketing consulting for non-profits and small businesses.

Upcoming trips include Costa Rica for two weeks in February!

Feel free to contact me with comments, questions, or suggestions

At home in Lexington, MA

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