Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Asia Awaits

As some of you are aware, I have decided to go to Taiwan to teach English. I have two friends who have been living there since last summer teaching English and they love it.  I'm very excited but I will be leaving soon!  I have just booked my flight and will be leaving on May 10th.

I have considered teaching English in Asia for awhile, but originally expected to find a job in my field in the Boston area when I returned form South America.  This will be a great opportunity to live in a new country, save money, and hopefully get to travel to some of the other countries I want to visit in Asia.  I hope to visit Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and parts of the Philippines and Indonesia.  If I have time I will visit India, Nepal and Burma as well.

When I arrive I will start out as a substitute teacher and stay with Danielle and Anthony.  These jobs are easy to find and there are even long term sub positions.  Many teachers take time off to travel or go home so there is a high demand for substitute teachers.  Eventually, I will find my own apartment and start negotiating for a contract at one of the schools in Kaohsiung.

I will be bringing my computer, and will most likely have an internet connection in my apartment so I will be updating the blog often!  I will miss all of you guys in Boston, keep in touch!   :)

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