Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tourist Activities!

Today we are going to Concon, which is a popular destination for chilenos during the summer (now). Liz's friend from work, Emily is coming with us as well as Julio's 4 year old nephew who is adorable! We are all going to rent a 3br house and it's only costing $30/day ... total!

In the past few days I've been doing all the touristy stuff here in Santiago. I went to Parque Quina Normal and Parque Metropolitano where there is a huge statue of the Virgin Mary on the hill of San Cristobal, which is visible from the entire city. It is the largest open space in Santiago, complete with two swimming pools and countless gardens. I took the funicular up to see the view which was awesome because you can see the Andes mountains as a backdrop to the city.

I also went to Cerro San Lucia and Plaza de Armas, two other historic sites in Santiago. Cerro San Lucia was built in 1875 and was once a hermitage, then a convent and was converted into a military bastion. There were fountains and winding staircases throughout the remains. I walked around downtown Santiago too and saw La Moneda, where the president works; and some other historic buildings. When we get back on Sunday I'm going to upload my pictures from the past 2 weeks. We probably won't have internet access at the house so until then ... enjoy the snow :)

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