Monday, February 9, 2009

A busy week in Santiago

After a tiring weekend and lack of sleep we took it easy and decided to stay in Sunday night. During the day we went to the feria, which is a huge market they have in Santiago every sunday. I drank mote, the national chilean drink (according to Julio). It was very sweet and kindof tasted like peach iced tea. We also ate completos, which are hot dogs with tomatoes, avocados, and mayo - very popular here! Then we headed to La Caro to eat lunch with Julio's family and later on Liz and I tried some Chilean wine, which was very good.

I found out about a glassblowing place here in Santiago so we are going to check it out today or tomorrow. Later this week we are going to Concon, which is on the beach near Vina del Mar and Valparaiso (two popular areas to visit). It's about 2 hours west of Santiago. We'll be staying with more of Julio's family there and then come back to Santiago for a few days before we all fly to Arica on the 17th. Liz and Julio are going to Cusco to see Machu Picchu and I'm going to take a bus to La Paz and make my way to the animal refuge. Im really excited to go there! I haven't decided exactly how long I'm going to stay there yet but it will be for at least one month.

I've finally finished uploading all the pictures from Argentina and Uruguay, which would have been impossible if Liz didn't have the internet at her apartment. I've also had a litte extra time on my hands due to a little problem we encountered this weekend. During the bbq we closed the door to the room Im staying in here because a lot of people were smoking (nothing in S. America is non-smoking!). Well, later that night we realized that someone had accidentally locked the doorknob and neither Liz or Julio had a key! So, for the rest of the weekend I slept on the counch and luckilly someone is coming to unlock the door today.

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