Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today is my last day in Mendoza. It´s much smaller than Buenos Aires but it is a nice city. They have a huge park with a lake in the middle. Mendoza is right in the middle of the wine country here in Argentina so there are a lot of winery tours. It is a popular place for backpackers to stop but is seems as if many people just decide to stay here. I´ve met a lot of travelers that were passing through and ended up staying for months. Tonight I will take an overnight bus to Santiago, it is supposed to be a very scenic ride so hopefully it will be light enough to see the scenery for some of the ride. My seat is in the front row which is good for the view of the scenery, and bad for the view of the bus flying through the roads in the Andes! The drivers here are a little crazy but accidents are rare. I´m excited to see Liz and finally get to eat home cooked food! (I´m getting tired of bananas) Julio is supposed to be a great cook so maybe I will learn how to cook some Chilean food. They´re having a BBQ on their rooftop this weekend so that should be lots of fun. When I wake up in the morning I´ll be in Chile!

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