Friday, August 14, 2009

I´ve arrived in Brazil!

I had an overnight flight on Monday that arrived Tuesday morning in São Paulo, a city near the coast in the southern part of Brazil. It is the middle of the winter here and I didn´t realize how cold it can get sometimes! Most days are between 70 and 80 but it can drop down to the 50´s at night. I´ve been having a great time with my friends here. Two of them live in the city and I'm going to the country to visit my other friend, Mariana next week. It is Camila´s birthday so we have been celebrating all week. We went to play pool (it´s called a Snooker Bar) the night I got in and last night we went to a Latin club and went salsa dancing. I had a lot of fun and I managed not to injure my dancing partners!! I´ve also been learning a little Portuguese because although many people can understand Spanish they often don't speak it. I haven´t had any trouble communicating with Juliana and Camila´s friends because most of them speak Spanish or English. On Sunday Camila´s parents are having a big barbecue for her birthday so I will get to eat a lot of tasty Brazilian food this weekend :) Next week I will take the bus to Pouso Alegre (a town in the countryside) to visit Mariana. I´ll be doing a little more traveling in Brazil before I head to Bolivia. And, if you´re interested in reading about the park there was an article written by an journalist I met when I was there in this months Outside magazine about it. You can read it online here. There are links to my pictures from the park on the right side of this page.

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