Monday, February 2, 2009

Uruguay for a day

I booked my ticket for Colonia del Sacramento only one day before I wanted to go so I had to take a late ferry and return at night. I was lucky thought, because the sun doesn´t set until 9pm here and I got to watch the sun set over the water before I left to return to Buenos Aires. Colonia is a small historic city, it is considered a UNESCO world heritage site. It was used for many years as a port to illegally smuggle goods into Argentina and to avoid tariffs on imports. The port is no longer used except for recreation. Colonia had a very relaxed, beach city tempo ... the drivers even stop for pedestrians! (In the rest of this continent pedestrians are seen as moving targets) When I returned to my hostel at 11:45 my Brazilian friends were waiting and we all decided to go out for one last night in Argentina together. Buenos Aires is the city that never sleeps. The portenos have dinner around 11, sometimes take a siesta, and then the clubs open at 2am and stay open until people leave for breakfast. No wonder the streets are empty on Saturday and Sunday mornings! I haven´t been able to upload any pictures yet, but when I get to Liz´s in Santiago I´ll be adding them to my posts!

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