Friday, January 30, 2009

I´m Here!

Buenos Aires is one of my favorite cities, second only to Florence, Italy. It´s beautiful here, they have a lot of parks and the city has a European feel to it. Im staying at the V&S hostel, and I guess I was lucky to pick this one because everyone else staying here says it is the best place they´ve stayed in awhile, which makes me wonder what I´m in for later... I´ve been taking it easy the past few days because I didn´t sleep very well on the plane down here. Siesta is my favorite time of day :) I went to Palermo yesterday and walked around the neighborhoods there. I visited the Jardin Japones (Japonese Garden) and walked through the Rosedal, where they have thousands of different types of roses, some of which have won international awards. Tomorrow I will go to Uruguay by boat. I´m going to the city of Colonia, which is a few hours away and then I´ll come back to Buenos Aires. Sunday is my last day here and then I will be going to Mendoza on an overnight bus. Pictures are coming soon! Miss you all!

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  1. Hi Caitlin!
    I just started a blog too because people kept asking me if I was going to have one for South Korea. I noticed that I chose the same template as you, though.. :( Maybe I'll choose a different one. Figures the pink layout captures our attention, right?
    You've been in South America for about six days now. How is it?? You didn't take your laptop, right? Did you only take one backpack of clothes? Chris and I leave for Korea on the 5th. We were supposed to leave last Thursday but I had to get my work visa.


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