Friday, January 30, 2009

I´m Here!

Buenos Aires is one of my favorite cities, second only to Florence, Italy. It´s beautiful here, they have a lot of parks and the city has a European feel to it. Im staying at the V&S hostel, and I guess I was lucky to pick this one because everyone else staying here says it is the best place they´ve stayed in awhile, which makes me wonder what I´m in for later... I´ve been taking it easy the past few days because I didn´t sleep very well on the plane down here. Siesta is my favorite time of day :) I went to Palermo yesterday and walked around the neighborhoods there. I visited the Jardin Japones (Japonese Garden) and walked through the Rosedal, where they have thousands of different types of roses, some of which have won international awards. Tomorrow I will go to Uruguay by boat. I´m going to the city of Colonia, which is a few hours away and then I´ll come back to Buenos Aires. Sunday is my last day here and then I will be going to Mendoza on an overnight bus. Pictures are coming soon! Miss you all!

Where are you in the world?