Thursday, September 23, 2010

When in Rome ...

Sitting by the Trevi Fountain

Our apartment in Rome was in a great location; we were right down the street from the Trevi Fountain!  I visited Rome on a high school trip but I didn’t really remember too many details so I was happy to go back.  Four days was enough for me though.  Rome is probably one of my least favorite cities in Italy just because it is so crowded with tourists.

It was nice to be staying so close to the Trevi fountain because we were able to enjoy it without tourists the morning we were up early for our tour of the Vatican museum.  I had never done a guided tour inside a museum before and it was very fascinating but I’m not sure if I would have preferred just wandering around the Vatican by myself.

Our guide was great and provided a lot of interesting information about the highlights of the museum but by being in a large group you don’t get a chance to really observe the individual pieces of art and go at your own pace.  The reason we booked the tour in the first place was to avoid having to wait in the mile long line to get into the museum, which was definitely worth it.
In front of the Colosseum with my parents

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