Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life in Kaohsiung

What's my typical day in Kaohsiung like?  Drive to work in rush hour ... think 500 speeding scooters!  Teach kindergarden for a few hours, then take my two hour lunch break.  Try not to get sunburned on the 15min ride home and eat at a "lunch box" stop, like a buffet, or stop for dumplings or noodles on the street. Around 2pm it's back to work at my second school, where the older students come after their regular full day of school.  Teach for a few more hours, then get out by 6pm and head home among the speeding scooters again.  Relax, and then fall asleep to the sounds of the musical trash trucks :)

I had this morning off, because the kids are going on a field trip to the Museum of Hakka Culture.  Too bad they don't pay us to chaperone.  Unfortunately, their chinese teachers are paid much less an hour so it is more practical to have them go.  Im planning on checking out some museums here (mainly the MFA) before I leave.  This weekend I am really looking forward to the mediation course at Fo Guang Shan.  It is the largest Buddhist temple in Taiwan.  I've driven by it a few times but I have never been inside.  It will be interesting to learn more about it.

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