Friday, June 4, 2010

A few days off :)

I finished my first full week of teaching!  This week I was subbing for one of the teachers at Walton School, where Dan and Anth work.  I had a kindergarten class in the mornings (4-5 year olds), and 7 year olds in the afternoon.  Then I had another class at a buxiban, which is where many kids go after school - sometimes until 9pm at night!  My class there was a mix of 9-13 year olds.  Teaching takes a lot of energy but I really like it.  Luckily, most of our teaching materials are provided but Im looking forward to the long term sub I'll be doing next week because I will have a chance to prepare for my lessons ahead of time.

Starting Wednesday for a week I'll be subbing for Anthony while he goes on a road trip with his friend Ryan who's visiting.  Dan and I are planing on taking the train to meet them in Taroko next weekend.  So I have Monday and Tuesday off this week which will be nice :)

When Anthony returns I will be subbing for another teacher here for about four weeks, which Im looking forward to because I will hopefully be able to do more with my classes (and actually learn all the kid's names!).  When I finish subbing Im going to travel for about five weeks until my flight back to the states.  I am really excited to start traveling.  I found a cheap flight to Malaysia so I'll start there and then travel around to the surrounding countries.

I have almost completely recovered from my sea urchin injury.  Yesterday I pulled a spine out of my foot that was more than an inch long!  I had no idea how big it was but there are only a few pieces left in my foot and I can walk pretty well now.  Im looking forward to running on the bike path at Lotus Pond when my foot is completely healed.

If you're reading my blog on facebook you can view the original page and more pictures here.  :)

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