Monday, September 28, 2009

Fire Fighting

The protest was a huge sucess.  A bunch of people stayed an extra night to talk to the press the next morning and Evo (the president of Bolivia) declared his support for stopping the building of the road.  This is a great acomplishment but the campesinos are determined to continue so right now the volunteers at Machia are literally sitting in front of the machines so they cant move forward.  There is a lot going on at Ambue Ari too. The fires have started, which means that everday we are working on  lengthening the fire trail (lots of raking and macheting). The farmers here start fires to burn land for crops and last year a huge section of the park burned because they dont control the fires once they start them.  They arent huge forest fires like we have in the US but they are still dangerous even thought they are slow burning and close to the ground.  Apparently the fire trail should create a break in the land and prevent any more of the park from burning.  I went out to see Ru (one of the jauguars) the other day here is one of the photos I took.  He´s awesome!

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