Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

This week was Semana Santa which is the biggest festival in Latin America (except for carnival in Brazil) so all the kids get school off and everything (literally) was closed Friday. I only have 3 days left at the park :( Im going to miss being here and I think its going to take some time to readjust to living in the states. I wont miss the mosquitos thought!

The dry season was supposed to come at the beginning of April but it has been raining almost every day. Some years are wetter than others. Leo´s trails are completely flooded so he is swimming for about 80% of the trail which is fun, but exhausting sometimes ... Pumas swim really fast! I want to take a video of it but Im afraid I´ll get my camera wet because Im always falling in the water it´s up to our waists. An old volunteer that worked with Leo last year came back so he is going to take over when I leave. On Wednesday night Im taking an overnight bus to Santa Cruz with Colleen, one of my friends I met here. We´re going to stay in a nice hotel with a pool (for about $8/night!) and relax in Santa Cruz for a few days. Then, Im planning on flying to Lima early next week for my flight home. And in less than a month I´ll be graduating college!!

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  1. Hey! Everything sounds awesome!
    Happy Easter.
    Love to read about your travels - adventures!


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