Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Canada, eh?

After spending almost three years in Asia teaching English and traveling it was time to move on to the next adventure, which happens to be Canada.  My experiences of this country before embarking on my asian journeys were few.  There was that New Year's Eve we were able to get a car from rent-a-wreck the morning of and drove to Montreal. Actually only one of us could drive as the rest were under 21 at the time, thanks Melanie!  What I remember about Canada from this trip was there was a lot more snow, and to be careful whose driveway you pulled into in the middle of the night (in the middle of nowhere).  We had a small mishap on an icy sloped driveway that resulted in the driving through the owner's farmland to reach the road again.

Later, I found myself in Taiwan among many Canadians including my roommate, Adriana. She quickly realized the myth that Americans know nothing of their northern neighbor was true and took it upon herself to educate me as quickly as possible about the basic geography and politics of her country. Now I know where Toronto is! My future home in Canada is not quite so populated.  I'll be living on Prince Edward Island until late May, and not in the capital city Charlottetown, (population 64,000 - approximately half of the island) but in Summerside which is considered the second largest "city" on the island (population 14,000). It's hard not to laugh when people talk about urban vs. rural living here, because to a Bostonian everything on PEI is more rural than western mass. Even so, I am looking forward to having a few months of adjusting to life back in North America before returning to Boston.  It will also give me the much needed time to apply for a job!

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