Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Visayas

Two weeks was just enough time to relax and dive in Cebu. We decided not to go to Bohol because it looked pretty expensive comparatively.

Our first destination was Malapacua island. After a long intercontinental flight from Paris to Bahrain to Manila we continued on to Cebu city and finally arrived in Maya around 11pm. As expected there were no public boats going to the island at that hour and when we saw two guys arranging an overpriced 'special trip' on a boat that looked like it might sink we chose to spend the night and go in the morning. Total saved: 1500 pesos plus the possibility of swimming if the boat didn't make it.

We only spent three nights in Malapascua, since we hadn't decided how many other places we would visit afterward. It was a quiet, laid back island and I wouldn't have minded staying another night.

The diving was our best yet - I saw a white tip shark that was sleeping under a rock and we were successful in seeing Thrusher sharks as well. (This is the main reason divers go to Malapascua) additionally, we had our first wreck dive which was awesome but I had terrible air consumption due to being overweighted and overexcited during the dive. Our dive shop was Evolution and I would highly recommend them. Great price and the guides were very thorough and experienced.

Moal Boal wasn't bad but there was way too much concrete for my liking. We did see a big manta ray at Pedcador Island and lots of sea turtles as well. Our last few days we rented a bike so we were able to get a but further from the town and drove along the coast which was beautiful.

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