Sunday, November 7, 2010

Taiwan and Hong Kong

It has been way to long since I've updated the blog!  Things have been quite busy since I arrived in Taiwan but now I have been here for a little over one month.  My flight on the way here was awful ... the first segment was delayed which resulted in having to rebook the rest of my flights and in the end it took three days to get here from Boston :/

But, since I've arrived everything has been great.  Sophie and I found an apartment quickly and were able to move in just a few days later.  We get along really well and I am grateful for no roommate drama!  I've started working at Shane School in the evenings but unfortunately until December I only have 8 hours per week of classes.  I've also been tutoring, which I really enjoy.  Next week I will be interviewing at preschools to pick up some extra hours in the mornings.

Hong Kong Park

Last weekend I went to Hong Kong to sort out my visa (my original one was almost expired) and I ended up staying for three days because I also had to have extra pages added to my passport.  Note to fellow travelers - this service is no longer free!  Apparently they started charging $82 this June which is really annoying.  HK was really cool, it sort of reminded me of New York - except much more diverse, if you can believe that's possible.  During the course of my stay I heard at least 15 different languages being spoken just in my building alone!

HK also looks like a city from the future.  There are layers upon layers of bridges for cars and as a pedestrian you almost never walk on the ground level.  There are raised pedestrian walkways and bridges connecting all of the buildings.  The architecture is very unique and futuristic as well, and the funny thing is that they also have parks everywhere, so sometimes you don't even feel like you are in a city. HK was a fantastic place to visit - probably one of the most interesting cities in Asia that I have been to.

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