Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life on the farm

So, Ive been without internet for about 2 weeks and I have a lot to update! I spent a little under two weeks at an organic farm called Ginger´s Paradise. In exchange for 2 hours of work each day you can stay there and eat for about $10 a day. I learned so much in the little time I was there! I can now make peanut butter, jam, cheese, yougurt, dulce de leche, pesto, various kinds of bread, and empanadas from nothing but ingredients I gathered myself at the farm! :) I learned how to harvest tomatoes, beans, carrots, radishs, lettuce, oranges, papayas, and coutless herbs that they are growing there too. I took 2 days off work to go to nearby Samaipata which was about 2 hours from Ginger´s. I stayed at a little pousada there for one night. In the very early morning (about 5am) I was a little annoyed to be woken up by the chickens but when I got up to see what the ruckus was about I was able to get the best view Ive had here of the sun rising over the mountains. I was too tired to get out the camera for this one though :D Samiapata is pretty small but it has attracted a lot of foreingers that are now living there. I noticed this in Iquitos, Peru as well.

The next day I explored an archaeological site, El Fuerte. It is a unique place because it contains remains of three cultures, the Chanes (a pre Inca culture), the Incas and the Spaniards. Here Im hiking up to the site.

Where are you in the world?