Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From the jungle to the mountains

Yesterday was my last day in Bolivia :( but we went to a farm called Ginger´s Paradise and had an awesome day there. It´s run by an american/bolivian couple with thier three kids. The view was amazing, their farm was right in the mountains near a river. Sunday is their day off of work so we went down to the river to swim. Colleen grew up in Mississippi and couldn´t believe I hadn´t ever swam in a river, it was a lot of fun. I also ate some of the best food I´ve had in South America! The farm is almost completely sustainable, they produce most of thier food there and are even using solar power to generate their electricity. We tried all sorts of sauces and their home made peanut butter was delicious. You get a discout on the rate for your room and meals if you help out for a few hours so we helped out in the garden the next morning.

I got to Lima last night and I had forgotten how beautiful the city is, especially at night. Many of the historical buildings and plazas here have been very well preserved and are lit up at night. Another thing I forgot was how annoying the men are here! The second you sit down anywhere in a public place someone starts talking to you ... and it always starts out as a friendly question, what´s the time? where are you from? etc. but without fail they´re always looking for a wife! Oh well ...

Tonight Im heading to the airport here and I´ll be in the states tomorrow morning! Im looking forward to seeing everyone and eating a tuna melt. haha :)

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